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Inheritance Cycle


Brisingr Summary

Brisingr, the third book in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, continues the adventures of Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, as they further entrench themselves in the struggle against the tyrannical ruler, King Galbatorix. The novel delves deeper into the lore of Alagaësia, expanding on the characters' backgrounds, the political intrigue of the land, and the magical laws that govern the world.

Major Plot Points

  • Oaths and Promises: Eragon struggles with his promises, including his vow to help Roran rescue Katrina, his betrothed, from the Ra'zac.
  • The Raising of the Dragon: A pivotal moment is when Eragon participates in the hatching of a new dragon, Thorn, who bonds with Murtagh, complicating the resistance's fight against Galbatorix.
  • The Elves and the Dwarves: Eragon's alliances grow as he deepens his connections with the elves, undergoing significant training to enhance his magical and combat skills, and with the dwarves, participating in their political processes.
  • The Revelation of Secrets: Eragon uncovers truths about his family, notably about his parentage—learning Brom is his father—and about the ancient pact between dragons and riders.
  • The Quest for the New Sword: Eragon forges a new sword, Brisingr, which ignites with blue fire upon its name being spoken, symbolizing his growth as a Rider.

Character Development

Eragon's evolution from a farm boy to a confident leader and warrior is central to Brisingr. His moral dilemmas, especially regarding the use of power and leadership, reflect the heavy burdens of his role in the rebellion.

Saphira, as ever, is Eragon's steadfast companion, offering wisdom and strength. Her bond with Eragon is explored in greater depth, highlighting the unique connection between dragon and Rider.

Roran, Eragon's cousin, also comes into his own, showcasing remarkable leadership and combat prowess. His love for Katrina and his determination to save her drive much of his actions.

Murtagh's character is explored in more complexity, revealing the depths of his struggles with fate and freedom.


  • Freedom vs. Tyranny: The fight against Galbatorix's oppressive rule is a backdrop for exploring themes of freedom, justice, and self-determination.
  • The Burden of Leadership: Eragon's journey is marked by the challenges of making difficult decisions that affect the lives of many.
  • The Power of Names: The significance of true names in the Ancient Language is a recurring theme, emphasizing the power of knowledge and identity.


Brisingr is a tale of growth, responsibility, and the struggle for freedom. Eragon's journey is fraught with challenges and sacrifices, but it is also marked by victories, both personal and collective. As the penultimate book in the series, it sets the stage for the final confrontation with Galbatorix, promising an epic conclusion to the saga of Alagaësia.