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Predicting Through Jaimini Astrology


Predicting Through Jaimini Astrology by V.P. Goel


  • Uniqueness of Jaimini Astrology: Describes Jaimini astrology as a unique and fascinating branch, distinct from the Parashar system, despite being mentioned in Parashar texts.
  • Underutilization: Points out the lack of widespread use among astrologers, attributed to the complexity of its principles and the unclear practical applications from the available texts.


  • Comparison with Parashar System: Briefly compares Jaimini astrology with the more commonly used Parashar system, highlighting differences in approach and methodology.
  • Importance of Jaimini Astrology: Emphasizes the potential and depth of Jaimini astrology for making predictions.

Key Concepts and Principles

  • Karaka System: Introduction to the karaka system in Jaimini astrology, explaining how significators are assigned based on the degrees of planets rather than their natural significations.
  • Rashi and Bhava: Discusses the importance of signs (Rashi) and houses (Bhava) in prediction, and how Jaimini astrology applies these concepts differently from the Parashar system.

Methodologies for Prediction

  • Argala: Details the concept of Argala or planetary intervention and its significance in prediction.
  • Chara Dasha: Explains the Chara Dasha system, a unique planetary period system used in Jaimini astrology for timing events.

Practical Application

  • Case Studies: Provides case studies to illustrate how Jaimini principles are applied in practical astrology for predictions.
  • Techniques and Calculations: Offers detailed techniques and calculations for applying Jaimini astrology in real-world scenarios.


  • Accessibility and Application: Concludes with remarks on making Jaimini astrology more accessible to practitioners and encouraging its use in astrological predictions.