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Predict With Navamsha



"Predict with Navamsha" by V.P. Goel is an insightful book that dives into the practical application of navamsha, a pivotal concept in Vedic astrology. The book focuses on the significance of navamsha in various aspects of life, such as marriage, religious devotion, and timing of marriage, providing practical examples and detailed analysis. It presents various rules for interpreting different facets of marriage and offers solutions to common queries like multiple marriages. Aimed at astrologers at all levels, this book is touted as a must-read for those looking to deepen their understanding of navamsha.

About the Author

Vinod Prakash Goel, a former officer of the Indian Engineering Services, has served in various capacities within the Ministry of Defence, India, and in the private sector. An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and Banaras Hindu University, Goel has been recognized with Gold Medals for his achievements in astrology by the Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. He is now a faculty member at the same institute, sharing his deep knowledge of astrology with students.

Preface and Introduction

The book begins with a preface emphasizing the underestimated value of the navamsha chart in astrology. Goel addresses the common oversight of navamsha's importance by budding astrologers and aims to rectify this by explaining its critical role in predictions. He argues that navamsha is not only essential for marriage predictions but also for assessing the strength of planets and fine-tuning the results of dashas. The book sets out to demystify navamsha for beginners, presenting rules and applications derived from Goel's practical experiences and interactions within the field of astrology.

Key Themes

  • Practical Application of Navamsha: The book provides a comprehensive guide to using navamsha in astrological predictions, offering insights into its application beyond marriage predictions.
  • Marriage and Related Aspects: It delves into various aspects of marriage, including timing, devotion, and issues like multiple marriages, using practical examples for illustration.
  • Astrological Rules and Examples: Goel shares numerous rules for interpreting navamsha charts, grounded in practical application and experience.


"Predict with Navamsha" serves as a valuable resource for astrologers seeking to harness the full potential of navamsha in their predictions. Through detailed analysis, practical examples, and a clear presentation of complex concepts, Goel offers a pathway for both beginners and seasoned astrologers to deepen their understanding and application of this critical aspect of Vedic astrology.