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Into the Woods movie tie-in edition

    Into the Woods movie tie-in edition

Summary of "Into the Woods" by Gustaf Lingmark


  • Ashton (19): A contemplative character, shown using an asthma inhaler, indicating potential health issues or anxiety.
  • Dirk (21): Appears to be a more dominant and possibly insensitive member of the group.
  • Shauna (19): Exhibits distress at the situation, hinting at a sensitive nature.
  • Fey (20): Shows empathy, especially towards Ashton, suggesting a caring personality.
  • Ricky (21): Participates in the group dynamic, often in tandem with Dirk.

Plot Overview

The screenplay opens in a wooded area in the evening, where the group discovers a dead deer. This incident sets the tone for the story - a mix of shock, indifference, and contemplation. The characters' reactions to this event reveal their personalities and foreshadow the dynamics that will unfold as the story progresses.

Key Scenes

  1. Discovery of the Deer: The group's varied reactions to the dead deer hint at their individual character traits and relationships.
  2. Journey to the Cabin: As they travel to a cabin, their conversations and interactions further develop their characters and relationships.
  3. At the Cabin: The arrival at the cabin promises to be a pivotal point where more of the plot and character dynamics will unfold.


  • Human-Nature Relationship: The encounter with the dead deer and the setting in the woods suggest a theme revolving around the human connection and conflict with nature.
  • Group Dynamics and Personal Struggles: The interactions among the characters indicate underlying personal issues and group tensions.


The screenplay uses a combination of scene descriptions, dialogues, and character actions to build the narrative. The tone is introspective and suspenseful, with a focus on character development and the unfolding mystery.

This summary provides a snapshot of the initial scenes and themes of "Into the Woods." The narrative appears to delve into complex character relationships set against a mysterious woodland backdrop.