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Bound by Honor


title: "Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles 01 - Bound by Honor" author: "Cora Reilly"



"Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles" unfolds around Aria Scuderi, a young woman from a prominent mafia family in Chicago. At fifteen, she's betrothed to Luca "The Vice" Vitiello, the eldest son of the New York Cosa Nostra boss, a move designed to secure peace between two powerful families.

Plot Overview

  • Arranged Marriage: Aria, now eighteen, braces for her arranged wedding to Luca, a man feared for his brutal reputation within the mafia world.
  • Luca Vitiello: Beyond his charming facade, Luca is known for his ruthless actions, earning him his nickname and causing Aria to fear the life that awaits her.
  • Mafia Life Insights: The story delves into the power dynamics and societal expectations in mafia families, highlighting themes of duty, honor, and survival.

Key Scenes

  • The Wedding: Symbolizing both a new beginning and a trap, Aria's wedding to Luca is a mix of fear and obligation.
  • Engagement Party Tensions: The engagement party showcases the complex relationships and tensions within and between mafia families.
  • Aria's Transformation: Aria's preparation for the engagement party is a poignant reflection of the pressures and roles assigned to women in her world.
  • Private Moments with Luca: Intimate interactions between Aria and Luca reveal the nuances of their relationship and Luca's enigmatic nature.


  • Power and Control: The narrative explores themes of dominance and the struggle for personal autonomy in a rigidly structured mafia world.
  • Duty vs. Desire: Aria's story is marked by the conflict between familial duty and personal fears and aspirations.
  • Strength in Vulnerability: The protagonist's journey illustrates that vulnerability and facing one's fears can be a source of true strength.

"Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles" is a story set against the backdrop of mafia power struggles, seen through the eyes of a young woman caught in an arranged marriage with a feared mafia heir.