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The Secret Diary of the Worlds Worst Friend


Nobody's Friend - Chapter Summary


  • This chapter explores themes of friendship and sharing.
  • It poses reflective questions such as: "Do you like making friends?" and "Do you like to share your things with others?"

Main Narratives

  1. The Unsharing Girl: Describes a girl who doesn't share her sweets, book, or doll, leading to the conclusion that she is "nobody's friend."
  2. The Unsharing Boy: Similar to the girl, the boy doesn't share his toffee, tricycle, or train, making him also "nobody's friend."
  3. The Sharing Child: Contrasts the previous characters by offering to share sweets, books, games, and even food, exemplifying the qualities of a good friend.

Reflective Questions

  • The chapter includes thought-provoking questions about sharing and friendship:
    • "What are the things the girl does not want to share?"
    • "Did the boy share his toffee and tricycle with others?"
    • "Why are the two children nobody’s friends?"
    • "What does the child in the last stanza want to share?"


  • This chapter emphasizes the importance of sharing and being considerate to cultivate friendships.