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You Can Win


"You Can Win" by Shiv Khera - MDX Book Summary

Chapter Summaries

1. Importance of Attitude

Building a positive attitude is crucial for success. The author emphasizes how attitude shapes our responses to challenges and opportunities. It's not just about what happens to us, but how we interpret and react to these events that matters.

2. Success

Success is defined not just by achievements, but also by the journey and the learning process. The chapter discusses strategies for winning, including setting goals, persevering, and adapting to change.

3. Motivation

Motivation is key to maintaining momentum towards success. This chapter talks about self-motivation and motivating others, highlighting the importance of continuous personal growth and positive reinforcement.

4. Self-Esteem

Building positive self-esteem and self-image is essential for a fulfilling life. The author discusses ways to improve self-perception and confidence, thereby impacting how we interact with the world.

5. Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are vital for personal and professional success. This chapter covers the development of a pleasing personality, effective communication, and building strong relationships.

6. Subconscious Mind and Habits

Our subconscious mind and habits play a significant role in shaping our destiny. The author explains how forming positive habits and character traits can lead to better decision-making and outcomes.

7. Goal-Setting

Goal-setting is a powerful tool for achieving success. This chapter outlines methods for setting and achieving goals, emphasizing the need for clarity, planning, and commitment.

8. Values and Vision

Maintaining strong values and a clear vision is fundamental for long-term success. The author encourages doing the right thing for the right reason and aligning actions with core values.


"You Can Win" by Shiv Khera offers practical advice and motivational insights for personal and professional growth. It's a guide to transforming one's attitude, habits, and actions to achieve success and fulfillment.