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A Little Princess


A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett



Sara's Early Life

Sara Crewe, born in India to a wealthy British father, is sent to Miss Minchin's Select Seminary for Young Ladies in London. Exceptionally intelligent, imaginative, and kind, Sara is different from the other girls. Her father, Captain Crewe, dotes on her and ensures she has everything she desires.

The Transformation

Tragedy strikes on Sara's eleventh birthday when she learns of her father's death and subsequent loss of fortune. Miss Minchin, the cruel headmistress, transforms Sara from a student to a servant. Despite this, Sara remains kind-hearted and imaginative, sustaining herself with fantasies and stories.

Life as a Servant

Sara befriends Becky, a fellow servant, and continues to face her hardships with grace and dignity. Her imagination and kindness lead her to create a world of happiness and magic within her bleak surroundings, earning her the title 'a little princess' from those around her.

The Magic of Belief

Sara's unshakeable belief in magic and her own inner strength lead to a series of events that change her life. She meets a neighbor, Mr. Carrisford, who was her father's friend and business partner. Unbeknownst to Sara, he has been searching for her to rectify a wrong done to her father.

A Twist of Fate

In a twist of fate, it is revealed that Mr. Carrisford is actually responsible for restoring Sara's fortune. He had been investing her father's money in a successful venture, and Sara is now a wealthy heiress. Sara forgives Mr. Carrisford and moves in with him, leaving her life of poverty behind.


The story ends with Sara extending her kindness and generosity to those who were good to her during her difficult times, including Becky. She remains humble and continues to use her imagination to create a world of happiness around her.


  • Resilience and Strength: Sara's ability to maintain her dignity and kindness in the face of adversity.
  • Imagination and Belief: The power of imagination to create happiness and hope in difficult times.
  • Kindness and Compassion: The importance of being kind and compassionate to others, regardless of one's own circumstances.

Character Analysis

  • Sara Crewe: A symbol of resilience, kindness, and imagination.
  • Miss Minchin: Represents cruelty and greed, serving as a foil to Sara's character.
  • Becky: A figure of loyalty and friendship, standing by Sara during her hardships.


"A Little Princess" is a timeless tale that continues to inspire readers.