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The Lion and the Jewel

    The Lion and the Jewel
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"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis - Summary

"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," written by C.S. Lewis, is a captivating story for children that transports readers to the magical land of Narnia through the adventures of four siblings: Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie. Sent away from London to escape the air raids of World War II, they find themselves in the countryside at the home of an old Professor. The heart of the story begins when Lucy discovers a wardrobe that serves as a portal to Narnia.

Chapter Summaries

  • Chapter One: Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe Lucy stumbles upon a wardrobe that leads her into the snowy world of Narnia.

  • Chapter Two: What Lucy Found There She meets Mr. Tumnus, a faun, who tells her about the White Witch's curse on Narnia.

  • Chapter Three: Edmund and the Wardrobe Edmund follows Lucy into Narnia, encountering the White Witch who deceives him with promises of power.

  • Chapter Four: Turkish Delight The Witch's enchantment begins with Turkish Delight, binding Edmund to her will.

  • Chapter Five: Back on This Side of the Door The siblings return, but their stories are met with disbelief, except by the Professor.

  • Chapter Six: Into The Forest All four siblings enter Narnia and discover Mr. Tumnus has been taken by the Witch.

  • Chapter Seven: A Day With the Beavers The Beavers tell the children about Aslan and the prophecy of the Witch's end.

  • Chapter Eight: What Happened After Dinner Plans are made to meet Aslan, but they realize Edmund has betrayed them to the Witch.

  • Chapter Nine: In the Witch's House Edmund's realization of his mistake comes too late as he's captured by the Witch.

  • Chapter Ten: The Spell Begins To Break Aslan's arrival heralds change and hope for Narnia.

  • Chapter Eleven: Aslan is Nearer The environment and spirits lift with Aslan's nearness, signaling the beginning of the end for the Witch's reign.

  • Chapter Twelve: Peter's First Battle Peter fights his first battle, defending Narnia from the Witch's forces.

  • Chapter Thirteen: Deep Magic From the Dawn of Time Aslan sacrifices himself to save Edmund, fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

  • Chapter Fourteen: The Triumph of the Witch The Witch believes she has won, not understanding the deeper magic Aslan has invoked.

  • Chapter Fifteen: Deeper Magic From Before The Dawn of Time Aslan's resurrection demonstrates a power greater than death, mystifying the Witch.

  • Chapter Sixteen: What Happened About the Statues Aslan revives those turned to stone by the Witch, amassing an army.

  • Chapter Seventeen: The Hunting of the White Stag The adventure culminates in a hunt that leads to the siblings' return to their world, forever changed by their journey.

This timeless tale, beyond being a mere adventure, explores themes of sacrifice, redemption, and the battle between good and evil. C.S. Lewis masterfully crafts a narrative that, while set in a fantastical realm, resonates with the universal truths of human experience, making "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" a cherished story for both children and adults alike.