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Comas Family History: An Exploration

This document delves into the rich history of the Comas family, tracing its origins and lineage through meticulous archival research. The author, Anibal Gonzalez Comas, embarks on a journey through time, exploring the roots of the Comas family from its early beginnings in Mataró, Catalonia, Spain, to its expansion and significance in other regions.

Origins and Ancestry

The journey begins with Joseph Comas y Vilardebó, a significant figure from Mataró, who, among other descendants, fathered José Miguel Comas. This lineage leads to Ramón Filiberto Comas, further solidifying the family's prominence in historical records. The document meticulously compiles data from various sources, including the General Archive of Entre Ríos, the Provincial Library of Entre Ríos, and numerous authors and researchers dedicated to genealogical studies.

Archival Research and Methodology

The author's research methodology is comprehensive, involving various archives and libraries across Spain and Argentina. This rigorous approach highlights the dedication to uncovering the detailed past of the Comas family, showcasing the depth of genealogical and historical investigation.

Geographical Context

Mataró, located in the province of Barcelona on the Levante coast of Catalonia, emerges as a focal point in the family's history. The document details the geographical landscape of Mataró and its surroundings, providing a backdrop to the Comas family's story. This geographical context enriches the narrative, offering insights into the origins and movements of the family over time.


This exploration into the Comas family's history is a testament to the enduring legacy of genealogical research. Through archival diligence and a deep understanding of historical and geographical contexts, Anibal Gonzalez Comas presents a compelling narrative of his ancestors, contributing significantly to the broader tapestry of family histories.