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Covenant and Chosenness in Judaism and Mormonism


Summary of "Mormonism and Human Immortality" by Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin


  • Distinctive Features of Mormonism: Focuses on human religion, symmetrical cosmology, and embraces infinity.
  • Human Existence: Viewed as an eternal journey with pre-existence, mortal life, and afterlife.

Pre-Corporeal Existence

  • Eternal Souls: Human souls are eternal and material.
  • God's Creation: The world is created from pre-existing materials.

Corporeal Existence

  • Earthly Life: A critical phase for spiritual progress and learning.
  • Church and Family: Central to Mormon life for achieving spiritual goals.

The Afterlife

  • Eternal Life: Varied for individuals based on earthly actions.
  • Three Degrees of Glory: Different spiritual states in afterlife, based on earthly life.
  • Celestial Kingdom: For those who live righteously, maintain eternal family bonds.


  • Essence of Mormonism: A journey of free choice, love, family, and progression towards godhood.