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The Heart of the Matter

    The Heart of the Matter
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Summary of "At the Heart of the Matter: 2011 Report on Heart Disease and Stroke in Colorado"

Executive Summary

  • Decline in Cardiovascular Deaths: From the turn of the century through 2008, fewer Coloradans died from cardiovascular diseases, yet risk factors increased.
  • Leading Causes of Death: Heart disease and stroke are the second and fifth leading causes of death in Colorado, costing taxpayers over $128 million annually.
  • Impact on Quality of Life: Cardiovascular disease leads to significant loss in physical and emotional health and life expectancy.
  • Geographical and Socioeconomic Influences: Where people live, their economic status, and ethnicity affect the prevalence of cardiovascular disease.

Key Findings

  • Risk Factors: High blood pressure, obesity, and inadequate nutrition/exercise are major concerns.
  • Prevention and Awareness: Emphasizing education, screening, and lifestyle changes can help reduce cardiovascular disease.
  • Modifiable Risk Factors: Lifestyle and behavioral changes can mitigate risks like obesity, high blood pressure, and smoking.

Statistical Insights

  • Deaths and Hospital Discharges: Detailed statistics on death rates, hospital discharges, and the financial costs associated with heart disease and stroke.
  • Demographic Variations: Analysis of prevalence and death rates across different age groups, sexes, and ethnicities.


  • Public Health Strategies: Focus on targeted interventions for at-risk populations and improving general health awareness.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Emphasizing the importance of diet, exercise, and regular health screenings.

This summary provides an overview of the critical issues related to heart disease and stroke in Colorado, highlighting the need for continued public health efforts and lifestyle changes to combat these diseases.