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Summary of "How the Dog Found Himself a Master!"


This story explores the journey of a dog who was dissatisfied with his life of freedom and solitude, akin to that of wolves. Desiring security and companionship, he sets out to find the strongest master in the world.

Main Plot

  1. The Quest for a Master: The dog, tired of living alone and constantly searching for food while fearing stronger animals, decides to serve a master stronger than anyone else. This decision leads him on a quest to find the most powerful master.
  2. Meeting the Wolf: The dog first encounters a wolf, who agrees to become his master. They travel together until an encounter with a bear scares the wolf away, revealing the bear's greater strength.
  3. Service to the Bear: Realizing the bear's strength, the dog chooses the bear as his new master. However, their encounter with a herd of cows reveals an even stronger presence in the forest—the lion.
  4. The Lion as Master: The lion, known as the strongest beast, becomes the dog's master. Serving the lion, the dog finds satisfaction and security, believing no other beast could surpass the lion's strength.


The dog's journey for a master reflects his desire for security over freedom. By choosing to serve the lion, the strongest of all, he attains a sense of peace and belonging, showcasing the innate desire for companionship and protection.


  • Search for Security: The dog's journey symbolizes the search for safety and protection, a fundamental desire among beings.
  • Hierarchy of Power: The story illustrates the natural hierarchy within the animal kingdom, where power dictates relationships and alliances.
  • Companionship vs. Independence: It delves into the dichotomy between the value of companionship and the freedom of solitude.

This fable provides insights into human and animal relationships, highlighting how the desire for security often leads to the formation of societal hierarchies and dependencies.