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SPEAK - Brochure Builder: A Step-by-Step Guide


This document offers detailed instructions on building a Brochure Builder application using the Sitecore SPEAK framework. It's designed for developers familiar with Sitecore who wish to extend their applications with custom functionalities.

Core Components

The guide details the implementation of several key components necessary for the brochure builder application:

  • Custom SearchDataSource: A specialized data source control for fetching and displaying search results within the SPEAK application.
  • SelectedItemsList: Enables users to select items for inclusion in the brochure and adjust their order. This control emphasizes the application's interactive and user-friendly aspect.
  • MVC Controller Integration: Explains how to create and use a custom control for invoking MVC controllers, facilitating server-side operations and data manipulation.

Development Process

The document breaks down the development process into manageable steps, from setting up the SPEAK application environment to deploying the custom controls. It covers:

  • Environment setup and prerequisites.
  • Step-by-step creation of the Brochure Builder application, including backend and frontend development.
  • Tips for effective debugging and testing.

Best Practices

In addition to technical instructions, the guide provides best practices for Sitecore SPEAK development, emphasizing modular design, reusability, and maintainability of the custom controls and components.


The Brochure Builder guide is an essential resource for Sitecore developers looking to leverage SPEAK for custom application development. It not only walks through the technical aspects of building a specific application but also shares insights into effective Sitecore development strategies.