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The Great One Bucket List

    The Great One Bucket List
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Summary of "5 Things To Do Before You Die"


5 Things To Do Before You Die, serves as a guide to important considerations and actions related to death. It aims to keep the topic of death an active conversation in people's lives, encouraging preparation and informed decision-making.

Key Sections

1. Talk

  • Emphasizes the importance of having conversations about death with loved ones.
  • Includes Conversation Tools to facilitate these discussions.

2. Write a Will

  • Guides on the significance of creating a will and the process involved.

3. Creating a Power of Attorney

  • Explains the process and importance of establishing a power of attorney for healthcare and financial decisions.

4. Funeral Planning

  • Offers advice on planning a funeral, including a Funeral Checklist and considerations for the ceremony.

5. Organ Donation

  • Discusses the aspects of organ donation, including How to Register for those interested.

Additional Topics

  • Care Plans: Instructions on preparing care plans for end-of-life situations.
  • Bereavement: Guidance on dealing with grief, including how it affects children and how to support friends.


The booklet concludes with advice on what to do after a loved one's death and provides additional resources for further information. It underscores the importance of preparation and open discussions about death, aiming to reduce the stress and uncertainty that often accompany end-of-life situations.