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Words of Radiance


Words of Radiance: Summary (Chapters 1-7)

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Key Themes:

  • Duty and Honor: Explores the characters' struggles with their responsibilities and personal honor.
  • Discovery: Characters uncover ancient secrets and personal truths that challenge their beliefs and goals.

Main Characters:

  • Kaladin: Faces challenges adapting to his new role and responsibilities. His struggle with authority and trust issues is prominent.
  • Shallan: Continues her journey to learn and grow, both in knowledge and power. Her backstory is further developed, revealing more about her past.
  • Dalinar: Works towards uniting the Alethi highprinces, facing political and personal dilemmas. His visions and the interpretation thereof continue to be a focal point.

Plot Overview:

  • The first seven chapters set the stage for major developments. Kaladin grapples with his new status and powers, striving to protect Dalinar and his family. Shallan's quest for knowledge leads her to confront dangerous truths, pushing her abilities to new limits. Dalinar's efforts to unify the kingdom under a single cause are met with resistance and intrigue.


  • These chapters lay the groundwork for the characters' journeys, emphasizing growth, conflict, and the complex nature of honor and leadership in the face of looming threats.