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War and Peace


War and Peace Film Series

A collection of documentaries exploring themes of war, peace, and the impact on children and societies around the world.

A Child’s Century of War

This documentary delves into the profound impact of war on children over the past century. It highlights the often overlooked experiences of the youngest victims of global conflicts.

War and Peace [Jang Aur Aman]

"War and Peace [Jang Aur Aman]" provides a unique perspective on the consequences of nuclear weapons in India and Pakistan. The film examines the political and social implications of nuclear armament in these regions.

Tragedy in the Holy Land: The Second Uprising

This film explores the complex and often misunderstood dynamics of the conflict in the Holy Land. It focuses on the second uprising, offering insights into the struggles and perspectives of those involved.

Palestine Is Still the Issue

A continuation of the critical examination of the long-standing conflict in Palestine, this documentary sheds light on the ongoing challenges and the search for peace in the region.