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Veronika Decides to Die


Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho


"Veronika Decides to Die"_ is a novel by Paulo Coelho that explores themes of madness, conformity, and the meaning of life. Set in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the story revolves around the protagonist, Veronika, and her journey after a failed suicide attempt.

Plot Overview

The Decision to Die

Veronika, disillusioned with life, consumes sleeping pills to end her life. Her reflections on identity and life surface as she awaits death.

Awakening in Villete

Veronika awakens in a mental hospital and learns her suicide attempt has left her with only days to live. This experience draws inspiration from the author's own life and those around him.

Life in the Asylum

In Villete, Veronika meets various patients, each offering new perspectives on life and challenging her views on sanity.

Redefining Sanity and Normalcy

Veronika's interactions in the asylum make her question the traditional notions of sanity, leading her to understand its fluidity.

Confronting Death and Finding Meaning

As she confronts her mortality, Veronika finds a newfound appreciation for life, emphasizing the novel's theme that death can make life more vivid.


  1. The Fluidity of Sanity: Challenging the fixed states of sanity and madness.
  2. The Search for Meaning: A metaphor for the universal quest for life's meaning.
  3. Conformity vs. Individuality: Exploration of societal norms and individual desires.
  4. The Power of Perspective: How perspective shifts can transform life experiences.
  5. The Role of Institutions: Villete as a reflection of society and its impact on individuals.


"Veronika Decides to Die"_ is a poignant exploration of human psychology and societal norms. It encourages readers to reflect on their life choices and societal pressures.