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Vanish by Sophie Jordan


"Vanish" by Sophie Jordan is the second installment in the captivating Saga Draki series. It continues the enthralling tale of Jacinda, a girl with the extraordinary ability to transform into a draki, a descendant of dragons. The novel opens with Jacinda facing the consequences of her previous actions—revealing her draki form to save the boy she loves, Will. This act of defiance against the strict rules of her kind leads to her forced return to the safety of her clan, where she is met with hostility and the challenge of proving her loyalty.

Plot Overview

The story delves into Jacinda's emotional turmoil as she grapples with her love for Will, who now has no memory of her or the night that changed everything due to a mind alteration. Back among her own, Jacinda's relationship with her clan and family becomes strained, particularly with Cassian, the heir to the clan who has always had feelings for her, and her sister, Tamra, whose destiny takes a dramatic turn.

As Jacinda navigates the complexities of her world, she faces the dilemma of moving on from Will or holding onto the hope that he might remember her and their love. This internal battle is compounded by the dangerous implications of their connection being discovered by their respective communities.

Themes and Characters

The novel explores themes of love, sacrifice, identity, and loyalty. Jacinda's character development is central to the narrative, showcasing her struggle between fulfilling her desires and her responsibilities to her clan. The dynamics between Jacinda, Will, Cassian, and Tamra offer a rich exploration of love in its various forms, from romantic to familial.

Cassian's character represents the ties to tradition and the expectations of the draki community, while Will embodies the human world and the potential for coexistence between humans and draki. Tamra's transformation and evolving role within the clan highlight themes of change and self-discovery.


"Vanish" weaves a compelling narrative of love, loss, and the search for belonging in a world divided between human and mythical. Sophie Jordan's intricate storytelling and richly developed characters invite readers into a beautifully imagined universe where the lines between duty and desire are blurred. As Jacinda stands at the crossroads of her heart and heritage, she must decide if she's willing to risk everything for love.