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Study of Soils in Valle de Naco (near San Pedro Sula) and La Canteada (near Copan) Honduras

    Study of Soils in Valle de Naco (near San Pedro Sula) and La Canteada (near Copan) Honduras
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Summary of "Plan de Desarrollo Regional con Enfoque de Ordenamiento Territorial Region 01 Valle de Sula"


  • The plan is a strategic framework for territorial organization and regional development in Valle de Sula.
  • Emphasizes participatory planning to integrate regional interests and sustainability.

Objectives and Methodology

  • Aims to harmonize development initiatives with territorial organization.
  • Involves a comprehensive approach, considering geographic, spatial, and sustainable dimensions.

Key Areas of Focus

  1. Social Dimension: Addresses demographic, educational, and health-related aspects.
  2. Economic Dimension: Covers regional economic activities, investment sectors, and infrastructural development.
  3. Cultural Dimension: Focuses on preserving and promoting regional cultural heritage.
  4. Political/Institutional Dimension: Involves governance, policy-making, and institutional frameworks.
  5. Environmental Dimension: Prioritizes environmental sustainability and risk management.

Regional Diagnosis

  • A detailed analysis of current regional conditions, identifying challenges and opportunities.

Development Vision

  • Articulates a future perspective for the region, aligning with national planning frameworks and development goals.

Investment and Action Plan

  • Outlines strategic investments and actions across various dimensions for regional development.


  • Discusses the structure and role of the Regional Development Council and other involved entities.


  • The plan represents a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach to territorial development, balancing regional needs with sustainable growth and national objectives.