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The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle


Lost Chapters in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: A Translation and Commentary


Kieran Robert Maynard's paper delves into the omissions in Jay Rubin's English translation of Haruki Murakami's "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle." It highlights the exclusion of approximately sixty-one pages, including three full chapters, from the original Japanese version. Maynard argues these sections are crucial for a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the novel, offering new interpretations and insights.

Murakami Haruki's Career

The paper begins by outlining Haruki Murakami's career, noting his significant impact on contemporary Japanese literature. Murakami's novels often feature thirty-something, listless male protagonists and explore themes of isolation and existential uncertainty.

Analysis of Omitted Sections

Maynard provides a detailed analysis of the omitted chapters, emphasizing how their absence affects the narrative structure and thematic depth of the English translation. The analysis suggests that these sections contribute to a richer, more complex understanding of the novel's characters and themes.

Arguments for Inclusion

The paper argues for the inclusion of the deleted sections in the English edition of "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle." Maynard believes that restoring these chapters would offer readers a more complete and nuanced experience of Murakami's work.


In conclusion, "Lost Chapters in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" sheds light on the significant impact of translation choices on literary interpretation. Maynard's commentary urges a reconsideration of what constitutes a faithful translation, advocating for a version of the novel that remains true to its original complexity and depth.