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The Usual Suspects



"The Usual Suspects" by Dr. Bonnie Lenore Kyburz delves into the study of visual rhetoric, presenting it as an engaging, intensely affective, and analytically rigorous discipline. The work encourages readers to explore various approaches to visual analysis, emphasizing the critical choices they must make in their analytical methods. Initially, the focus is on analyzing "static" images, suggesting that starting with such images can provide a clearer, less perplexing understanding of the text under consideration.

Key Points

  • Visual Rhetoric Study: The book positions the study of visual rhetoric as a multifaceted field that combines engaging discussions, emotional intensity, and strict analytical practices.
  • Methodological Flexibility: It encourages a flexible approach to analysis, urging readers to try different methods until finding one that suits their specific needs and preferences.
  • Critical Analytical Choices: Emphasizes the importance of making informed critical choices about how to analyze images, highlighting the strategic decisions involved in the process.
  • Static Images as a Starting Point: Advocates for beginning the analysis with static images to ease into the complex world of visual rhetoric, aiming to simplify the initial engagement with the text.


Dr. Kyburz's "The Usual Suspects" serves as a comprehensive guide to the study of visual rhetoric, offering insights into methodological diversity and the critical thinking required in visual analysis. The emphasis on starting with static images as a means to demystify the text sets a foundation for readers to develop their analytical skills in a structured and less daunting manner.