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The Trumpet of the Swan


The Trumpet of the Swan - Summary


The story of 'The Trumpet of the Swan' revolves around Louis, a Trumpeter Swan who is born without a voice, making him unique among his kind.

Louis' Challenge

Louis' inability to make sounds is a significant challenge for him, especially in communicating with others and expressing himself.

Sam Beaver

Louis befriends a young human named Sam Beaver, who helps him learn to read and write, skills that Louis hopes will help him overcome his lack of voice.

Love and Communication

Louis falls in love with Serena, a beautiful swan. However, he faces a new challenge as Serena can't read his written messages of love, and he cannot trumpet them.

Adventure and Determination

Determined to win Serena's heart, Louis embarks on a series of adventures. His journey takes him far from his home and involves various encounters and experiences.


The story explores themes of difference, resourcefulness, determination, and the power of love and communication.


With a mix of humor and lyric beauty, E.B. White tells a tale of overcoming adversity, the importance of perseverance, and the unexpected turns of fate and love.