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2 States


2 States: The Story of My Marriage


"2 States" is a novel by Chetan Bhagat that tells the story of Krish and Ananya, a young couple from two distinct Indian states - Punjab and Tamil Nadu. The novel explores their journey of falling in love during their time at IIM Ahmedabad and their subsequent struggle to convince their traditional and culturally divergent families to consent to their inter-state marriage.


  • Cultural Diversity: The novel showcases the rich cultural diversity of India through the contrasting traditions, lifestyles, and mindsets of the Punjabi and Tamil families.
  • Love and Relationships: At its core, "2 States" is a love story that also examines the dynamics of family relationships and the challenges of intercultural marriages.
  • Societal Norms: It highlights the societal pressures and norms influencing individual choices and family expectations in India.


  • Krish Malhotra: The protagonist, a Punjabi boy, who navigates the complexities of love and family acceptance.
  • Ananya Swaminathan: The female lead, a Tamilian girl, equally determined and passionate about her love and career.


"2 States" is more than just a love story; it is a narrative that delves into the complexities of cultural differences, societal expectations, and the power of love to overcome obstacles. Chetan Bhagat uses humor and emotion to bring to life the challenges and triumphs of Krish and Ananya, making it a relatable and insightful read.