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The Martian


SEM-91-Marte (The Martian): A Scientific Analysis of the Film


  • Overview: Discussion of NASA's collaboration with Hollywood, focusing on "The Martian" film.
  • Background: The film, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon, is based on the popular novel by Andy Weir, a computer scientist.

Scientific Accuracy in the Film

Martian Storm

  • Inaccuracy Highlighted: The article critiques the portrayal of a Martian storm in the film, noting its exaggerated strength compared to what is scientifically probable on Mars.

Radiation Protection

  • Scientific Oversight: The film's lack of attention to radiation protection is noted as a significant scientific oversight.

Handling of Hydrazine

  • Realism and Inaccuracy: While the film accurately portrays the idea of producing water from hydrazine, it overlooks simpler solutions such as using Martian subsoil water.

Microorganisms and Martian Agriculture

  • Use of Human Waste: The feasibility and scientific basis of using human waste as fertilizer in Martian soil for growing potatoes.
  • Greenhouse Decompression: Discusses the impact of the greenhouse's decompression and subsequent freezing on the soil's microorganisms.


  • Overall Impressions: Despite some scientific inaccuracies, the article praises the film for its entertainment value and the effort to maintain a scientific backdrop.
  • Recommendation: The film is recommended for its blend of scientific interest and entertainment.