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The Lion and the Rabbit


The Lion and The Rabbit: A Fable of Cunning and Courage


In a kingdom of beasts, the lion, acknowledged as the king, demanded a daily sacrifice from the other animals to satisfy his hunger. This arrangement led to a sort of animal lottery, where each day a different animal was chosen to be offered to the lion. The narrative unfolds around a clever rabbit chosen for sacrifice one day.

Determined not to end as the lion's meal, the rabbit devises a plan. Instead of going directly to the lion, the rabbit delays intentionally. Upon finally arriving, the rabbit tells the lion of another, more formidable lion claiming to be the true king. Intrigued and enraged by the audacity of such a claim, the lion demands to be led to this challenger.

The rabbit guides the lion to a well, telling him the other lion resides within. The lion, upon seeing his reflection, believes he is facing his challenger and leaps in, ultimately leading to his demise. The rabbit's quick wit and strategic thinking save not only himself but also the rest of the animals from the lion's tyranny.


  • Cunning over Strength: The story highlights how wit and intelligence can triumph over brute force and power.
  • Courage and Sacrifice: It illustrates the courage of the rabbit and its willingness to risk its life to save others.
  • Tyranny and Freedom: The narrative also touches on the themes of tyranny under the lion's rule and the quest for freedom by the other animals.


The moral of the story is that intelligence and clever thinking can overcome even the most formidable opponents, and that bravery comes in many forms, not just physical strength.