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The Golden Age



"The Golden Age: Nostalgia in Word and Image" delves into the intricate relationship between nostalgia and cultural expression, examining how this longing for the past is portrayed in literature and the visual arts. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of nostalgia, not as mere sentimentality but as a complex phenomenon that influences and is reflected in various forms of media.

Key Themes

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: The book's diverse range of contributions showcases the multifaceted nature of nostalgia, offering insights from literary criticism, history, and visual arts.
  • Case Studies: Through detailed examinations of works by Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and reflections on the transition from silent to sound cinema, the book highlights different manifestations of nostalgia.
  • Cultural Impact: It explores how nostalgia can both reflect and shape cultural and societal perceptions, arguing for its significance in understanding our relationship with the past.


By providing a thorough exploration of nostalgia across different periods and mediums, "The Golden Age: Nostalgia in Word and Image" offers valuable perspectives on how we engage with the past. Its interdisciplinary approach enriches the conversation around nostalgia, making it a significant contribution to the fields of literature, history, and art criticism.