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The Gathering Storm


The Gathering Storm (The Second World War) by Winston S. Churchill


"The Gathering Storm" is the first volume in Winston S. Churchill's authoritative and magisterial series on the Second World War. This book delves into the lead-up to the war, focusing on the early 1930s to the initial stages of the conflict.

Key Themes

  • Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party: Churchill outlines how Hitler's ascent to power marked a critical turning point for Germany and set the stage for the Second World War.
  • Invasion of Poland: The book details the events leading up to and the execution of Germany's invasion of Poland, which triggered the war.
  • Western Europe's Plight: Churchill vividly narrates the German onslaught against Western Europe, highlighting the rapid collapse of defense strategies.


  • Historical Insight: Churchill offers a unique perspective as both a leader and historian, providing in-depth analysis of decisions and events that led to the war.