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Spring 2015 Publication Summary

"Spring 2015" publication, primarily focusing on facilities management and related topics.


  1. Diving into the Deep Waters of Change
    • Insights on navigating organizational changes and strategic adaptations.
  2. From Your President
    • A message from the president discussing the direction and goals of the Corporate Facilities Council.
  3. Joe’s World
    • Anecdotes and perspectives from a seasoned professional in facilities management.
  4. Tackling Messy Work Spaces
    • Practical tips and strategies for organizing and maintaining efficient work environments.
  5. 30 Years Sure Makes A Difference
    • Reflections on the evolution of workplace practices and environments over three decades.
  6. You Gotta See This!
    • Highlighting innovative practices or interesting developments in the field.

Key Highlights

  • Change Management: The publication emphasizes the importance of effective change management strategies in corporate environments, providing insights into how to successfully implement and navigate change.
  • Leadership Messages: Regular updates and messages from organizational leaders offer insights into the council's direction and reinforce the community's shared goals and values.
  • Practical Advice: Articles provide practical advice on topics such as workspace organization, highlighting the importance of a well-maintained and efficiently organized workplace.
  • Reflective Insights: Sections reflecting on the past changes in the industry offer valuable perspectives on the evolution and future of facilities management.

This summary captures the essence of the "Spring 2015" publication, providing a concise yet comprehensive overview of its contents.