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The Signs of the Times


Orthodox Women Speak: Discerning the "Signs of the Times"


"Orthodox Women Speak" offers an insightful compilation of voices, exploring the intersection of Orthodoxy, feminism, and modern challenges faced by women within the Orthodox Church. With contributions from theologians, scholars, and activists, the book navigates through theological discourse, personal narratives, and ecclesiastical considerations to present a rich tapestry of female empowerment and spiritual inquiry within a traditionally male-dominated faith.

Key Themes

Love and Transformation: Women Who Met Jesus

  • Author: Deborah Malacky Belonick
  • Summary: This section delves into the transformative encounters between Jesus and women, drawing parallels to the Old Testament's Song of Solomon. It reflects on the allegorical interpretation of these biblical texts, emphasizing Jesus' revolutionary approach to women, which contrasted sharply with societal norms of his time. Through these interactions, Jesus showcased a profound respect and acknowledgment of women's spiritual capacities, setting a precedent for their roles within the Christian narrative.

Orthodox Women as Writers

  • Discussion: The narrative highlights the historical and contemporary contributions of Orthodox women to theological literature and ecclesiastical discourse. It addresses the challenges and achievements of women's voices being heard within the Orthodox tradition, including the establishment of a journal dedicated to Orthodox women's issues. This section underscores the importance of female authorship in enriching the theological conversation and advocating for gender equality within the church.

About the Authors

  • Contributors: Features biographical sketches of the book's contributors, showcasing a diverse group of women from various Orthodox jurisdictions and academic backgrounds. This diversity underscores the book's ecumenical approach to discussing women's roles and experiences within the Orthodox Church.


"Orthodox Women Speak" serves as a vital platform for Orthodox women to express their theological insights, personal experiences, and hopes for the future of the church. It challenges traditional norms while advocating for a more inclusive and equitable spiritual community. Through scholarly essays and reflective narratives, the book invites readers to reconsider the role of women in the Orthodox Church, promoting a dialogue that is both enriching and essential for the faith's evolution in the modern world.