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The Topical Josephus

    The Topical Josephus
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SHED Permit and Construction Guidelines

Permit Information


  • Plat of Survey: One copy required, showing shed dimensions and the location of all structures clearly marked on the property.

  • Construction Plans: Two sets of plans drawn to scale are required, detailing the construction of the shed.

  • HOA Approval Letter: Necessary if applicable.


After submission, the Village reviews the documents for compliance with Village codes and ordinances. The Village will contact the applicant when the permit is ready for pickup.

Construction Guidelines

  • Location: Sheds, workshops, greenhouses, playhouses, and storage buildings are allowed in the side and rear yards.

  • Size Limitation: The maximum shed area shall be under 300 square feet.

This summary is based on the initial sections of the document. Further details or specific sections can be summarized upon request.