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Reasonable Doubt 2

    Reasonable Doubt 2
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Summary of "Reasonable Doubt (Volume 2)" by Whitney G.


In the prologue, the protagonist, Andrew, reflects on his firm belief in honesty and his intense attraction to a woman who has deeply affected him. Despite his feelings, he realizes that his past is resurfacing and that he must let her go, acknowledging that she can never be his.

Andrew's Perspective

Six years earlier, Andrew finds himself in New York, haunted by his past. He is jaded, engaging in fleeting relationships, and trying to escape his memories and a seemingly meaningless life.

In the present day, Andrew's interaction with Aubrey, a woman he's been involved with, is fraught with tension. Their relationship is complicated by his concealed marital status and the intensity of their connection. Andrew is conflicted between his desire for Aubrey and the complexities arising from his past, particularly related to a contentious divorce.

Aubrey's Perspective

Aubrey, a young ballet dancer and law student, is grappling with her feelings for Andrew. She discovers that Andrew is married, which deeply hurts and confuses her. Despite her anger, she cannot stop thinking about him. Aubrey is also dealing with challenges in her ballet career, facing jealousy and competition from her peers.

Intense Encounters

The story unfolds with intense and passionate encounters between Andrew and Aubrey. Their relationship is a rollercoaster of emotions, driven by a potent mix of attraction and conflict. Aubrey struggles with the knowledge of Andrew's marriage and his reluctance to open up about his past.

The Unresolved Past

Andrew's past remains a mystery. He refuses to discuss his life before Durham, including the reasons for his move there. This secrecy creates a barrier in his relationship with Aubrey, who seeks emotional connection and honesty.


The narrative ends with unresolved tensions between Andrew and Aubrey. Andrew's guarded nature and refusal to share his past create a rift between them, leaving the future of their relationship uncertain.