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La Vida Que Siempre Has Querido


Querido John (Dear John) by Nicholas Sparks


Plot Overview

  • John Tyree: A rebellious youth, who finds purpose in the army.
  • Savannah Lynn Curtis: A college student, John's love interest.
  • Meeting: Their paths cross while John is on leave, leading to an intense summer romance.
  • Long-Distance Relationship: John's deployment overseas challenges their bond.
  • 9/11 Aftermath: John's reenlistment strains their relationship further.
  • Difficult Choices: Savannah, feeling distant, ends the relationship, marrying Tim, a close friend.
  • Emotional Turmoil: John returns, learning about Savannah's marriage and her new life.
  • Tim's Illness: Savannah's husband battles a grave illness, impacting everyone’s lives.
  • Sacrifices and Realizations: John grapples with his feelings and the complexities of love and duty.

Themes Explored

  1. Love and Sacrifice: The novel delves deep into the selfless nature of love.
  2. Duty vs. Personal Desires: It portrays the conflict between personal desires and responsibilities.
  3. The Impact of War: The story reflects on how war affects relationships and individual choices.
  4. Healing and Forgiveness: It touches upon the journey of healing and the power of forgiveness.

Character Analysis

  • John Tyree: His character evolves from a troubled youth to a man facing heart-wrenching choices, depicting resilience and depth.
  • Savannah Lynn Curtis: She embodies compassion and faces her own struggles between love and moral obligations.

Style and Tone

  • Nicholas Sparks employs a narrative style that is emotionally rich and descriptive, creating a deep connection with the characters.


  • The novel concludes with John making a profound sacrifice for Savannah's happiness, encapsulating the essence of true love and selflessness.