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Psychology Gone Wrong


Psychology Gone Wrong: The Dark Sides of Science and Therapy

Author: Tomasz Witkowski



"Psychology Gone Wrong" is a critical examination of the field of psychology, highlighting the discrepancies between scientific evidence and certain practices in psychology, psychotherapy, and psycho-business.

Target Audience

  • Individuals with an interest in psychology.
  • Students of psychology.
  • Current or potential clients of psychotherapists.

Key Themes

  1. Scientific Scrutiny: The book evaluates various aspects of psychology and distinguishes those that are scientifically verified from those that are not.
  2. Exposing Fallacies: It uncovers the mistakes, frauds, and abuses in academic psychology, psychotherapy, and related businesses.
  3. Empirical Backing: Emphasizes the importance of empirical evidence in validating psychological theories and practices.


This book serves as a critical resource for understanding the darker aspects of psychology and emphasizes the need for scientific rigor in the field.


"Psychology Gone Wrong" is a crucial read for anyone involved or interested in psychology, offering insights into the importance of differentiating between scientifically supported practices and those built on weak foundations.