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The prodigy



"Prodigy" by Marie Lu is the second installment in the dystopian trilogy that continues the story of June and Day, two teenagers from opposite ends of society in the Republic. The novel begins as June and Day arrive in Las Vegas, only to learn about the death of the Elector Primo. His successor, Anden, steps into a realm fraught with political instability and the threat of rebellion.

Plot Overview

June and Day, now fugitives, seek the Patriots, a rebel group opposing the Republic's regime, hoping to find assistance in rescuing Day's brother and escaping to the Colonies. The Patriots, led by a mysterious figure, offer their help under one condition: June and Day must assassinate the new Elector, Anden. Torn between their need for help and the moral implications of their mission, June and Day navigate a web of political intrigue, deception, and the quest for justice.

As they delve deeper into their mission, June begins to question the Patriots' motives and the true nature of Anden's leadership. She discovers a conspiracy that could change the fate of the Republic and the Colonies forever. Meanwhile, Day wrestles with his growing feelings for June and the repercussions of their actions on the people he loves.

Character Development

  • June Iparis: Once a loyal soldier of the Republic, June's experiences with Day and the realities of her society's injustices push her towards rebellion. Her strategic mind and moral compass are central to the plot, as she uncovers truths that challenge her beliefs.
  • Day Wing: A streetwise rebel, Day's love for his family and June drives his actions. His journey is one of self-discovery, as he balances his desire for freedom with the cost it imposes on those around him.
  • Anden Stavropoulos: The new Elector is portrayed as a complex character, whose intentions and capabilities are initially misunderstood. His interactions with June reveal a vision for a better Republic, raising questions about leadership and change.


  • Authority and Rebellion: Explores the dynamics between oppressive regimes and the fight for freedom, questioning what it means to lead and to resist.
  • Identity and Belonging: Characters struggle with their identities and where they belong in a divided society, highlighting the impact of social status on personal relationships.
  • Sacrifice and Loyalty: The novel delves into the sacrifices made for loved ones and causes, examining the limits of loyalty and the price of rebellion.


Prodigy is a riveting tale of courage, betrayal, and the complexities of governance and rebellion. Through June and Day's eyes, readers are invited to question the nature of power, the value of resistance, and the essence of humanity in the face of societal divides. Marie Lu masterfully crafts a narrative that is not only thrilling but also deeply reflective of the choices that define us.