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Data Bases for Forest Inventory in the North-Central Region


North Main Street Historic District Summary


  • Category: District, Building(s), Structure, Site, Object
  • Ownership: Public, Private, Both
  • Current Status: Occupied, Unoccupied, Work in Progress
  • Accessibility: Restricted and Unrestricted Access

Property Details

  • Owner: Multiple owners (refer to inventory list)
  • Present Use: Agricultural, Commercial, Educational, Entertainment, Government, Industrial

Historical Significance

  • The North Main Street Historic District holds considerable historical importance, reflected in its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. Specific historical events, architectural styles, and notable figures associated with this district should be detailed here.

Architectural Characteristics

  • This section should describe the predominant architectural styles found in the district, along with any unique or historically significant buildings and structures.

Notable Features and Landmarks

  • A comprehensive list of key features and landmarks within the North Main Street Historic District, highlighting their historical and cultural significance.

Preservation and Development

  • Information on preservation efforts, any development restrictions, and future plans for maintaining the historical integrity of the district.