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No Country for Old Men


No Country for Old Men - Screenplay Summary


The screenplay opens with a serene yet foreboding scene in the mountains at night, under a gusting snowfall. An old man's voiceover reminisces about his youth and legacy as a sheriff in a lineage of lawmen, setting a tone of reflection on justice and the passage of time.

Scene Overview

  • Scene 1: A mountainous area at night, where snow falls heavily. The voice of an old sheriff reflects on his family's law enforcement legacy.
  • Scene 2: Transition to a West Texas landscape at dawn, with the old sheriff's voiceover discussing the old-time sheriffs who operated without guns, showcasing a stark contrast to modern practices.


The screenplay begins with a focus on:

  • The passage of time and its effects on individuals and their roles in society.
  • The evolution of law enforcement practices.
  • The personal reflections of a lawman on his life and lineage.