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Never Too Far


Never Too Far by Abbi Glines


"Never Too Far," a novel by Abbi Glines, explores the complexities of love, family dynamics, and personal growth. It tells the story of Blaire Wynn, who navigates the challenges of a complicated relationship with Rush Finlay. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of family secrets, societal expectations, and the trials of young love.

Main Characters

  • Blaire Wynn: A resilient young woman grappling with deep personal loss and a tumultuous relationship with Rush.
  • Rush Finlay: A wealthy young man, entangled in family drama and his intense love for Blaire.
  • Nan: Rush's sister, whose complicated relationship with Blaire and Rush adds tension to the story.
  • Woods: A friend and support to Blaire, often providing her with advice and assistance.
  • Grant: Rush's friend, involved in the unfolding family drama.
  • Abe: Blaire's father, whose past actions and revelations impact the present.

Plot Overview

Blaire, recovering from her mother's death and betrayal by Rush, finds herself in a web of complex family ties and emotional turmoil. Rush, torn between his love for Blaire and loyalty to his sister Nan, struggles to balance his relationships. The story reveals layers of family secrets, notably surrounding Nan's parentage and Blaire's family history, adding depth to the characters' struggles.

As Blaire and Rush navigate their relationship, they face obstacles including misunderstandings, trust issues, and external pressures. Blaire's pregnancy adds another dimension to their relationship, bringing both joy and challenges. The novel also explores themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the power of love to heal and transform.


  1. Family and Loyalty: Examines the impact of family dynamics and the tension between familial loyalty and personal happiness.
  2. Love and Forgiveness: Explores the complexities of first love, the capacity for forgiveness, and the challenges of trust and vulnerability.
  3. Growth and Self-Discovery: Highlights the characters' journey towards self-understanding, maturity, and the courage to face the past.


"Never Too Far" concludes with a hopeful note on the power of love and understanding to overcome life's challenges. Blaire and Rush's journey underscores the importance of communication, trust, and facing one's fears for a chance at true happiness.