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The "GONE" series, penned by Michael Grant, unfolds within the fictional setting of Perdido Beach, where a sudden and inexplicable phenomenon causes everyone aged 15 and older to vanish. This leaves the children and teenagers to navigate a new reality where society's traditional structures collapse, and supernatural elements emerge.

Key Themes

  • Power and Responsibility: The series delves into the dynamics of power among the young inhabitants, exploring how it corrupts, unites, and divides.
  • Survival: With the disappearance of adults, the children must fend for themselves, facing challenges of finding food, establishing order, and dealing with internal conflicts.
  • Moral Complexity: Characters are frequently placed in situations that test their morals, highlighting the gray areas between good and evil.
  • Identity and Growth: The isolation and challenges lead to significant personal growth and identity formation for the young characters.

Main Characters

  • Sam Temple: A natural leader with the ability to generate light from his hands, struggling with the burdens of leadership.
  • Astrid Ellison: Known as "Astrid the Genius," she navigates the new world with her intelligence and moral compass, often serving as Sam's confidante.
  • Caine Soren: Sam's nemesis, a charismatic and powerful leader at the Coates Academy, who seeks control over Perdido Beach.
  • Diana Ladris: Caine's partner, who possesses the ability to measure the power level of others, adding a complex dynamic to the power struggles.

Plot Summary

The series is marked by escalating conflicts as new threats emerge, from the initial challenge of survival without adults to supernatural battles and the discovery of dark, otherworldly forces at play. Each book in the collection builds upon the last, deepening the mysteries of the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone) and the children's powers, culminating in a final battle that tests the limits of their resilience, unity, and courage.


Michael Grant's "GONE" series is a compelling saga of survival, power, and adolescence that captivates readers with its intense storytelling, complex characters, and ethical quandaries. It stands as a testament to the strength and ingenuity of youth when faced with unimaginable circumstances.