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The Just One Look Method


Marshall Method Summary


The document discusses the Marshall method, emphasizing the importance of determining the optimal binder content in asphalt mixtures to meet specific standards. This approach helps prevent issues like mixture disaggregation due to insufficient binder or the creation of slippery surfaces from excess binder.

Key Sections

Initial Considerations

  • The need for preliminary tests to establish the binder quantity for asphalt coatings is highlighted, aiming to ensure the mixture falls within specified standards to avoid common issues.


  • The document details the equipment ("Aparelhagem") required for conducting the Marshall test, indicating a focus on the technical setup and procedural aspects.


Given the limited sections identified, the document likely includes comprehensive details on the Marshall test procedure, criteria for the asphalt mixture, and the use of specific equipment to achieve optimal results. This summary outlines the document's focus on ensuring asphalt mixtures meet quality standards through the Marshall method.