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    Organizational Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists for Tank

Summary of "MM 26.1" - June 2018 Issue

Editorial Overview

  • Author: Rick Schulting
  • Highlights: The editorial sets the tone for the issue, emphasizing the significance of archaeological research in understanding human history, with a special focus on Mesolithic burials, human bones analysis, and archaeological project findings.

Facing the Sea: A Mesolithic Burial at Vannborga, Åland, Sweden

  • Authors: Kenneth Alexandersson, Anna-Karin Andersson, & Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay
  • Summary: This article presents a comprehensive study of a Mesolithic burial site at Vannborga, Åland, Sweden. The findings contribute to the broader understanding of Mesolithic burial practices and social structures, highlighting the cultural and spiritual beliefs of prehistoric communities facing the sea.

Human Bones, Burials, and Cemeteries: New Sources

  • Author: Christopher Meiklejohn
  • Summary: Meiklejohn explores new methodologies and sources in the analysis of human bones, burials, and cemeteries. The discussion includes advancements in dating techniques and their implications for tracing human activity and migrations during the Mesolithic period.

The North Cliffs Project

  • Authors: Andy M. Jones, Anna Lawson-Jones, Henrietta Quinnell, & Anna Tyacke
  • Summary: This article details the North Cliffs Project, focusing on archaeological excavations and findings along the North Cliffs. It sheds light on settlement patterns, resource utilization, and environmental adaptation strategies of early human communities.


The June 2018 issue of "MM 26.1" presents valuable insights into Mesolithic archaeology, offering a window into the lives of early humans through the study of burials, human bones, and archaeological projects. Each article contributes to the broader narrative of human history, underscoring the importance of archaeological research in piecing together the complex mosaic of our past.