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Los pilares de la Tierra (Saga Los pilares de la Tierra 1)


Los Pilares De La Tierra (The Pillars of the Earth) by Ken Follett


"Los Pilares De La Tierra" is an epic historical novel that unfolds in the 12th-century England, a time of turmoil, war, and political conflicts. At its heart, the story revolves around the construction of a magnificent cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge, a symbol of faith, power, and the eternal struggle for supremacy and survival.

Main Characters

  • Tom Builder: A master builder who dreams of constructing a cathedral.
  • Prior Philip: A devout and visionary monk who becomes Prior of Kingsbridge.
  • Aliena: The noblewoman who faces immense personal loss but finds strength and purpose in supporting the cathedral's construction.
  • William Hamleigh: A ruthless noble opposed to the cathedral's construction, embodying the era's brutalities and power struggles.


  • Ambition and Vision: The cathedral's construction represents the characters' aspirations and the human spirit's resilience.
  • Power and Corruption: The novel explores the corrupting influence of power within the church and nobility.
  • Love and Sacrifice: Personal stories of love, loss, and sacrifice run parallel to the cathedral's construction, highlighting the personal costs of ambition.

Historical Setting

Set against a backdrop of real historical events, including the Anarchy, a civil war for the English throne, the novel paints a vivid picture of medieval life, architectural innovation, and the shifting power dynamics of the period.


Ken Follett's "Los Pilares De La Tierra" is a masterful narrative that weaves together the personal and the epic, exploring human ambition, resilience, and the quest for meaning in a changing world. It is a testament to the enduring power of faith, creativity, and the unbreakable human spirit.