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La linea de sombra


Linea d'Ombra by Sam Stoner


  • Title: Linea d'Ombra
  • Author: Sam Stoner
  • Themes: Crime, Violence, Human Nature, Despair
  • Collection: 12 Short Stories

Story Summaries

  1. Elvis Rosso Sangue
    • Unpredictable narrative with elements of sex, action, brutality, and humor.
  2. Moscow's Fury
    • The story of Kirill Sivanicov, a young man navigating the harsh realities of Moscow.
  3. Cinquanta Pezzi
    • Explores the metaphysical dimensions of despair in different time settings.
  4. Suicidio e Resurrezione
    • A deep dive into the themes of declared sentiments and survival.
  5. Linea d'Ombra
    • Focuses on vengeance as a response to violence.
  6. Inganno Mortale
    • A hard-boiled narrative with a dramatic focus on its female protagonists.
  7. Alienazione
    • The story of a homeless man's transcendent musical talent amidst personal loss.
  8. Sogni Lerci
    • Examines perverse desires and possession.
  9. Silenzio
    • A story set in a timeless narrative space, exploring the theme of silence.
  10. Io ti Proteggerò
  • Explores the theme of protection in the context of violence.
  1. Senza Pietà
  • Continues the hard-boiled echo with themes of soul and torment.
  1. Hard Boiled
  • A classic hard-boiled narrative with a focus on the human condition's darker sides.


  • Each story in "Linea d'Ombra" is a unique exploration of human emotions, ranging from cynicism to outright declaration of feelings.
  • Stoner vividly portrays the internal landscapes of his characters, often depicted as struggling with or succumbing to their darker instincts.
  • The collection is marked by a variety of narrative tones, yet it consistently maintains a close and empathetic proximity to human suffering and resilience.


"Linea d'Ombra" is a compelling anthology that delves into the complexities of the human soul, masterfully navigating through its shadows and light. Sam Stoner's narratives are both stark and deeply moving, offering a poignant commentary on the human condition.