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La invención de morel



"La invención de Morel" by Adolfo Bioy Casares is a seminal work in the science fiction genre, blending elements of mystery, romance, and philosophical inquiry. Set on a deserted island, the narrative unfolds through the diary entries of an unnamed fugitive who discovers the presence of seemingly real people who mysteriously appear and disappear. The story centers around Morel's invention, a machine capable of recording and replaying reality, challenging the boundaries between illusion and truth.


  • Isolation and Escape: The protagonist, seeking solitude on an uninhabited island, finds himself confronting both the wonders and horrors of absolute isolation, mirrored in his attempts to escape societal norms and judicial pursuit.
  • Love and Obsession: The fugitive's obsession with Faustine, a woman among the island's apparitions, drives much of the narrative, exploring the depths of unrequited love and the lengths to which one might go to preserve a moment of beauty.
  • Reality and Illusion: Morel's invention serves as a pivotal exploration of the thin line between the real and the replicated, questioning the nature of existence and the human desire to capture and hold onto moments forever.
  • Ethical Implications of Technology: The story delves into the moral considerations of creating a perpetual reality, the consequences of living within a loop of memories, and the impact on the individuals unknowingly recorded.


The story begins with the narrator's arrival on the island, seeking refuge from his pursuers. As he explores, he encounters a group of holidaymakers, whose presence is both a comfort and a mystery. His discovery of Morel's invention reveals the truth behind these figures: they are not people, but recordings, endlessly replaying a week from the past. The narrator becomes obsessed with Faustine, despite knowing she is part of Morel's recorded reality. As he unravels the workings of the machine, he contemplates joining this artificial existence to be with Faustine forever, despite the implications.


"La invención de Morel" is a thought-provoking exploration of love, loneliness, and the human condition through the lens of speculative fiction. Casares masterfully crafts a narrative that is as much a philosophical reflection as it is a story of adventure and intrigue, leaving readers to ponder the true essence of reality and the lengths to which we go to capture and preserve our deepest desires.