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How to Murder Your Life


How To Murder Your Life: A Memoir


"How To Murder Your Life: A Memoir" is a raw and unfiltered account of Cat Marnell's life, marked by her struggles with prescription drug addiction amidst the glamorous backdrop of the fashion and beauty magazine industry in New York. Described as New York's "enfant terrible," Marnell offers a candid look into her turbulent journey through addiction, her career in high-stakes fashion journalism, and her battles with self-sabotage.

Marnell's memoir is more than just a personal narrative; it's a critique of the fashion industry's glamorization of excess and perfection, and a reflection on the societal pressures that exacerbate her addiction. Despite her downward spiral, Marnell's wit and dark humor permeate her writing, making her story not only a cautionary tale but also an engaging and insightful exploration of addiction and recovery.


  • Prescription drug addiction
  • The glamor and excess of the fashion industry
  • The impact of societal pressures on self-image and addiction
  • The cycle of rehab and relapse
  • Self-sabotage and the quest for redemption

This memoir stands out for its brutal honesty, dark humor, and Marnell's compelling narrative voice, offering a unique perspective on the challenges of navigating life and career with addiction.