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My Heart is Your Home


Book Summary: "Home is Where Your Heart Is"


"Home is Where Your Heart Is," a project led by Healthy Choice, a public association, focuses on altering traditional methods of dealing with families affected by serious alcohol addiction issues.

Key Concepts

  • Family-Centered Approach: The project emphasizes the importance of keeping children with their biological families, even in cases where parents struggle with alcoholism.
  • Challenge against Conventional Views: Uladzislau Kaurou, the head of Healthy Choice and project leader, argues that despite societal concerns, a home with biological parents, regardless of their flaws, is often the best environment for a child's development.
  • Objective: The initiative aims to maintain the familial bond and keep children with their biological families, challenging the stigma and societal judgments often associated with parental alcohol addiction.


  • Redefining Family Dynamics: The project highlights the need to reconsider how society supports and interacts with families grappling with addiction.
  • Focus on Child Welfare: The core belief is that the welfare of the child is best served within the family unit, promoting a nurturing and familiar environment.


"Home is Where Your Heart Is" stands as a testament to the belief in the resilience and importance of the family unit, even in the face of challenging circumstances like addiction. It underscores the notion that familial love and bonds can provide a foundation for overcoming adversity.