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Heidi by Johanna Spyri - Summary

Heidi, a classic children's novel by Johanna Spyri, published in 1880, captures the heartwarming story of a young girl's life in the Swiss Alps.


Chapter 3: A Day in the Alps

Awakening in the Mountains

  • Heidi's Morning: Heidi wakes up to a bright morning in the Alps, surrounded by hay. Initially confused about her whereabouts, she soon remembers her journey to her grandfather's mountain home.
  • Contrast to Past Life: Heidi reflects on her previous life with old Ursula, where she felt restricted and longed for outdoor adventures. The freedom and beauty of the Alps fill her with joy.

Meeting the Goats

  • Heidi quickly dresses and runs outside, where she meets Peter, the young goat herder, and her grandfather, who is tending to his goats, Diana and Blanquita.
  • Grandfather's Proposal: Her grandfather asks if she wants to join Peter in the pastures, an idea that excites Heidi.

Preparing for the Day

  • The grandfather instructs Heidi to wash up, teasing that the sun might mock her if she's dirty. Heidi eagerly complies, using a sun-warmed bucket of water.
  • Instructions to Peter: The grandfather gives Peter instructions for Heidi's care in the pasture, emphasizing her safety and providing food and milk for her.


  • Freedom and Nature: Heidi's joy in the Alps contrasts with her confined life with Ursula, highlighting the novel's theme of freedom and the healing power of nature.
  • Childhood Innocence: Heidi's excitement and straightforward view of the world illustrate the innocence and simplicity of childhood.


  • Setting Impact: The setting in the Swiss Alps is more than a backdrop; it's integral to Heidi's development and happiness.
  • Character Development: Heidi's immediate bond with her environment and the animals shows her innate love for nature and her adaptability.

Heidi's experiences in the Alps, her joyful discovery of nature, and the interactions with her grandfather and Peter establish the foundation for her adventures and growth in the novel.