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Trip to the Garden

    Trip to the Garden
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Garden Program Spring 2020 at Villa La Pietra

The Garden Program Spring 2020 at NYU Florence offers a unique educational experience rooted in the world-famous gardens of Villa La Pietra. This program is designed to deepen participants' appreciation of these magnificent gardens, regarded as a convergence of natural beauty and historical significance, and to explore their relevance to broader environmental and cultural issues.

Program Highlights

  • Unique Study Abroad Experience: Villa La Pietra's gardens provide a distinct backdrop that sets NYU Florence apart from other study abroad sites, emphasizing the intrinsic connection between gardens and paradisiacal spaces.

  • Educational Objectives: Through a series of talks and workshops, the program aims to facilitate a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the gardens. It encourages participants to use the gardens as a means to reflect on wider issues facing the world today.

  • Tour of the Green Estate: Participants will have the opportunity to engage directly with the gardens through guided tours, offering an immersive experience into the estate's diverse flora and design philosophy.

Program Goals

The Garden Program Spring 2020 is committed to:

  • Enhancing participants' knowledge of and appreciation for historical and contemporary garden design and maintenance.
  • Encouraging thoughtful reflection on the role of green spaces in environmental conservation and cultural heritage.
  • Providing a platform for interdisciplinary learning and exchange, connecting the aesthetic, ecological, and sociocultural dimensions of garden spaces.


The Garden Program at Villa La Pietra offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the intersection of nature, culture, and history within the context of one of Florence's most celebrated estates. Participants will leave with a richer understanding of the importance of gardens in shaping our environment and heritage.