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This document provides an overview of the Comisión de Garantía del Derecho de Acceso a la Información Pública (GAIP), an independent body established by the Catalan Parliament. The GAIP oversees the transparency and public access to information within the Generalitat de Cataluña and its local administrations, as well as their dependent bodies and public sectors.

Key Points

  • Legislation Background: GAIP operates under the transparency legislation of Catalonia, particularly under Ley 19/2914, dated December 29, which emphasizes transparency, access to public information, and the protection of personal data.
  • Access to Information: The commission plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the right to access public information, ensuring that citizens can exercise this right effectively.
  • Transparency and Administration: The document highlights the obligations of public administrations to provide access to information, underlining the importance of transparency in governance.
  • Data Protection and Privacy: Alongside access to information, the legislation addresses the balance between transparency and the protection of personal data, ensuring that individual privacy rights are respected.
  • Public Engagement: The GAIP also deals with the procedures related to handling requests for information and the mechanism for filing complaints or claims, thereby facilitating public engagement and oversight.


The establishment of the GAIP and the associated legislative framework underscore Catalonia's commitment to transparency, public access to information, and the protection of personal data. This initiative reflects a broader movement towards open governance, where public administrations are held accountable and citizens are empowered to participate more actively in the democratic process.

For further details on the GAIP's activities, legislation, and its impact on public administration and citizens' rights, refer to the official documents and resources provided by the Catalan government.