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The Fashion Design Manual


Fashion Designing - Book Summary

This summary provides an overview of the key concepts and teachings from the book "Fashion Designing."


The introduction of the book lays the foundation for understanding fashion designing, covering the basics of fibers, fabrics, and the principles of garment making.


: THEORY - 100 marks 1 A simple study of natural and synthetic fibres - origin, properties and how they are produced.

Section 2

: INTERNAL ASSESSMENT - 100 marks To be assessed internally by the school - 100 Marks Please note the guidelines for internal assessment as given for Class X 201 CLASS X There will be one paper of two hours duration carrying 100 marks and Internal Assessment of 100 marks.

Section 3

: THEORY - 100 marks 1 The choice, purchase, use and care of tools and equipment, including sewing machines, for dressmaking.

Section 4

: INTERNAL ASSESSMENT To be assessed internally by the school - 100 marks Practical Work in Fashion Designing.